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Newsreel - First Flight of the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow

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  • Newsreel - First Flight of the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow

    Newsreel about the first flight of the historic Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow:

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    This was so far ahead of everyone, it's no wonder the Americans were in envy. Had we kept them, the face of who could do what would have been drastically altered. Great find.
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      So many chances missed ......

      The Arrow by Canada, TSR2 by Britain, Miles Aircraft with their M52 supersonic project being sold out, sorry, cancelled by the British Government effectively handing supersonic development to the USA.....what a shame.

      But this bird, what a gorgeous looking aircraft ? It could so easily be mistaken for a 1980/90's project instead of 1958. God ! I was 9 years old then !!!
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        Long, long time ago I had the pleasure and an honor of meeting in person Mr. Janusz Zurakowski, the legendary test pilot of Avro Canada, first person to fly the Arrow. According to him the project was scraped because Canadians were not prepared for the success of the aircraft from the counter intelligence point of view. Canadian aviation industry was heavily infiltrated by Soviet intelligence. Canadians did nothing to protect the project. You could buy the plastic models of the aircraft at toy stores. All the work and test flights were done out of Malton Airport (currently Pearson Int.) out in the open for every one to see. All that Americans did was provide Canadians with the proof that the Soviets already posses nearly complete blue prints of the aircraft and possibly the list of spies within Avro Canada. Canadians panicked and scraped the entire project, but of course it is easier to blame the American envy.