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Short But Sweet Video - C-130 Hercules' Wing Flares

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  • Short But Sweet Video - C-130 Hercules' Wing Flares

    Short But Sweet Video - C-130 Hercules' Wing Flares
    C-130 Hecules

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    Wow that's incredible!
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      If it was doing that over hostile territory, wouldn't it just reveal its position rather than defend itself from missiles that might not even be fired?
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        That was a demonstration video. Flares would not be used for that amount of time. Most often flares are popped in short bursts during a tactical landing where the aircraft approaches at high altitude until over the airfield and then descends at an insane angle and rate of descent. This is because most insurgent attacks are made during the landing phase and a normal 3.5 degree long approach would leave the aircraft wide open as a target.

        Check out this cockpit video of a corkscrew tactical approach and landing. God only knows what it must be like for the troops in the back during this kind of an approach. !!

        The corkscrew landing has gone out of favour now though with the preferred approach to be a sudden dive in from altitude popping flares on the way down. Here's a video of such a landing, unfortunately without the flares probably to avoid setting the spectators on fire.!!...
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