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The difference between Americans and Kiwis when it comes to Politics

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  • The difference between Americans and Kiwis when it comes to Politics

    Over here we just dont seem to care.

    From ''

    Last month's election was only the 12th-biggest story this year, with only 65 per cent following it closely, much lower than it was in 2005 (seventh) and 2008 (eighth).

    I love it, electing the government for the next 3 years and over a third of the country just doesnt care.

    So, since we've established Kiwis dont care so much for politics, how important is it in your area?
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    National elections are probably as "popular" in the Netherlands as they seem to be in New Zealand. The local (city), regional (province, waterboard) and european elections don't even come close. There are no national referenda but one of the political parties is trying hard to get it implemented.

    "The Voice of Holland" and similar shows get more people to vote. Just check Twitter on a friday evening (CET) and see how TVOH is trending.
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      Don't equate the loud voices you hear on talk radio or "opinion" TV with Americans caring more about politics than Kiwis. In 2008, our last Presidential election, about 62% of eligible voters actually cast a ballot, and that was the highest percentage since 1968.
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