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We're Back -- Server Crash

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  • We're Back -- Server Crash

    Hi all,

    First, I'd like to apologize for the forum (and indeed the entire website's) absence over the last 30+ hours.

    At approximately 11:45am eastern time (1645 GMT) yesterday, we suffered a serious hard drive failure after experiencing problems with this drive for several hours prior.

    Contrary to some rumors, the server was not hacked.

    Unfortunately, while this forum backs up the database on an hourly basis, it stores the backups on the main hard drive, which does no one any good when the physical hard drive fails, and thus, all posts since the forum switch last Wednesday have been lost.

    I apologize for that.

    In addition, you'll need to go through the Registration Update procedures that you did when the server move first happened last Wednesday, such as Updating your Username, Editing your profile/preferences, etc. etc.

    All logins and passwords have been reset to their counterparts from the old forum system, so if you can't remember that password or login for whatever reason, please e-mail me directly from your registered e-mail address and I'll reset your password for you.

    Again, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    Best Regards,
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    Thanks for all the hard work on getting the community back on the air Chris ...I really hope this will be the last time we have a server crash...
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      Yup .... im pretty sure this will not happen again ,

      I think we all should give Chris a big thanks to the none stop work he has put in over the last day or so to get the site back up and running !!

      well done Chris and thanks

      On another note , thanks to all the photographers who have stuck with us through this small glitch , we are getting through all your uploades as quickly as we can

      cheers all Tony


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        What can I say?

        Having such a dedicated Editor, no wonder the growth of this site.

        Well done!

        Even with these small "inconveniences", it will make this site stronger.


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          No apology needed Chris, things happen. Happy to see everything is up and running again. Keep up the good work


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            Thanks for all your support, guys!

            Off to get some much needed sleep...
            Trump is an idiot!
            Vote Democrats!!


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              I just started my uploads again,with music from queen in the background.
              Succes Chris,keep up the good work.


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                Thx, Chris for getting JP back off the ground again! You have done a great job with this site!!!

                JR FlyingTexan
                JR FlyingTexan


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                  Status of ?

                  What's the actual status of

                  I'm sometimes problems accessing the site, or logging in to the forums. Are there still problems around?

                  Must be a nightmare ....

                  Anyway: to the crew for 1) starting this site and 2) the fast recovery!!

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                    Very happy and glad to see back on line. I congratulate you guys for the quick recovery of this great website.

                    Well done guys and keep up the excellent work
                    Abbas Ali

                    Webmaster of :
                    History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines