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Asking for photos of Aero Lloyd for planned publication

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  • Asking for photos of Aero Lloyd for planned publication

    Good morning,

    hopefully this is the correct category to open this thread. I am currently working at a planned German-language publication through the professional help of a publisher about defunct German company AERO LLOYD with the focus on their MD-80-ops. It is a pleasure for me to ask additional photographers for possible interest to give me the copyright to publish their photo of an MD-82, MD-83, MD-87 or DC-9 of Aero Lloyd. Photos of the „Caravelle“ and Airbus A320/321 (which replaced the MD-80 between 1996 and 2001) could be also interesting.

    Sadly I am not able to pay for a photo but luckily I was able to convince some photographers to allow the publication of their photos with their names clearly visible. In some cases I also decided that I will send an example as a gift as soon as the publication is available.

    Please do not hesitate to ask me via PN or to contact me via my website

    Thank you very much for your interest!

    Kindest regards,

    Peter Breiting/ / on facebook / on Twitter: