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What type of computer do you have?

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  • What type of computer do you have?

    What type of computer does everyone have?

    Currently, I have:
    Computer: Hewlett Packard (HP) Pavillion XL756 Pentium III Processor
    Monitor: Hewlett Packard (HP) FX70
    Sound: 3 Polk Audio Speakers
    Memory: 127.0 MB of RAM
    System: Windows 98 (2nd Edition)
    Printer: Hewlett Packard (HP) PhotoSmart P1000

    Not the best of the best, but it gets what I want done

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    I have a bunch.

    6 desktops (AMD1.8hmz/Pentium IV 1.4mhz/AMD1mhz/Pentium II 350/ 2 Pentium pro 200's) my daughter uses the 1.4, and the 5 year old uses the PII350 and the two pentium pro 200's.

    2 laptops (one for downloading pic's to out in the field, one for work)
    2 pda's (one is my wife's)

    They are all networked.


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      Clone, Pentium IV 2 GHZ

      Monitor: LG StudioWorks 554V

      Memory: 512 RAM DDR, 128 DDR AGP video

      Printer: I don't have one

      Sound: Omega 4.1


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        Mac 603e 128mb (packed away in the garage)
        Mac G3 512mb (giving this to my niece for college)
        Mac G4 512mb
        Mac G5 (on the way) 1gb

        And since I will be doing digital photography in less than a month I am looking at a low-end Powerbook or possibly an I-Book for field work.

        I MACs..!

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          Dell Pentium III 800MHz, 320MB ram, Windows ME
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            Grey one.
            I walked across an empty land
            I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
            I felt the earth beneath my feet
            Sat by the river and it made me complete


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              Sony Vaio

              Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz processor
              160 GB of hard drive space
              1 GB of RAM
              DVD ROM / CDR

              Windows XP Professional

              19 inch Sony Flat Panel Monitor

              Sony Custom Speakers

              Pretty much the works!

              This thing runs MSFS 2002 with all my AI traffic loaded like a dream!! Its a beautiful computer!

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                All these PC's make my 386SX look out of date.

                I thought these specs were good: (back in 1991)

                20 Mb hard drive
                4 Mb of Ram
                1Mb video card
                SB16 sound card
                14" SVGA
                DOS 4.01
                2400 bps modem

                But now I have a
                Dell P4 2.4
                80 Gb HDD
                512 RAM
                17" LCD
                Epson 880 inkjet
                Wireless Intellimouse


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                  Dell Dimension 4550
                  P4 2.4
                  1GB DDR RAM
                  120GB HDD
                  ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 128mb Graphics
                  48x CD-RW
                  16x DVD-ROM


                  HP Pavilion ZE4560
                  AMD Athlon 2500+ XP/M
                  40GB HDD
                  Nivida FX Graphics 64mb
                  512MB DDR RAM
                  24X DVD/CD-RW
                  Integrated 802.11g/54g wireless network card

                  Both Ethernet and 54g wireless network at home

                  Not a bad setup. I have to have good equipment if I have to control a crowd like this
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                    Current laptop:
                    Compaq Evo N610c
                    Intel Pentium 4-M 2.0 GHz
                    256 Mb of DDRAM
                    30 Gb, 4200 Rpm hard drive
                    ATi Mobility Radeon 7500 w/ 32 Mb
                    8X DVD-ROM drive
                    14.1 inches TFT/XGA screen
                    3.1 Mbps cable modem

                    Old desktop:
                    Intel Pentium 2 233 MHz
                    32 Mb (original) + 64 Mb of SDRAM
                    3 Gb (original) + 8 Gb hard drives
                    ATi Rage Fury w/ 32 Mb (original was an Asus w/ 4 Mb)
                    50X CD-ROM drive (original was 24X)
                    15 inches CRT screen
                    33.6 Kbps modem


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                      Emachines T2245
                      2.2 GHz Intel Celeron
                      40 GB HD
                      512 MB P2100 DDR SDRAM (First upgrade I did. Came with 256MB)
                      40x CD-RW drive
                      16x DVD drive
                      Intel Extreme Graphics AGP
                      17" Flat Screen CRT
                      Lexmark X75 3 in 1 printer (scanner, copier, printer)

                      I've been getting a wild hair about doing some the following upgrades:

                      new MOBO (one that can handle hyper threading)
                      P-IV 2.4 or 2.6 (512K, 800FSB hyper threading)
                      128 MB Graphics Card
                      32 bit Sound Card

                      In all, we're talking about $500+ in upgrades to upgrade my almost 6-month old computer to the equivalent of nearly top of the line computer.