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Little old lady on a plane....

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  • Little old lady on a plane....

    Many years ago on a long BOAC flight, an elderly lady asked if she could visit the cockpit.
    When she got up there, she found four crewmen. She asked the first what he did, and he explained that he was the navigator and what his responsibilities were.

    She turned to next one and asked what he did. He explained that he was the engineer and his job was to monitor and troubleshoot any system problems to keep the flight operating smoothly.
    She turned to the next one and asked what he did. He explained that as the captain he was responsible for everything on the airplane and the functioning of the crew. She turned to the first officer and asked "Well young man, what is your job?"
    ... He replied "Ma'am, I am the captain's sexual advisor."
    Somewhat shocked, she said "I beg your pardon, but what do you mean by that?"
    "Very simple ma'am. The captain has told me that when he wants my fcking advice, he'll ask me."


    The same little old lady was on her return flight when the captain made his usual departure announcements on the PA system. Trouble was, he forgot to switch it off and he continued with .... "When we get home I'm going to have a good shit, a hot shower and then I'm going to shag the arse off that blonde stewardess in economy"
    Upon hearing this the blonde rushes towards the cockpit with a look of horror on her face.
    Halfway down the aisle the little old lady stops her and says "No rush dearie....he's going to have a shit and a shower first"
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !

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    Now that's a classic!