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    What was the first day of operation for ?

    The forum dates go back to Nov, 2002 and just wondered what the official opening date was for

    Did Chris have a previous aviation site that shut down?? If so, what was that web site name.

    I'm happy that is available to us now and hope it stays for years to come!

  • #2 was up first and is very much around. I look at the forums there as home

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      :Ready, aim, fire! flamethrower at Fred!: :P

      Seriously, I think today it's been one year since set up, because in the memberlist it says that the administrator joint here on Oct 14 2002.

      And If I'm right, then Happy Birthday

      And If I'm wrong, Happy belated/upcoming birthday anyway.
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        Yea, I am here because I hate all of you an.. and.....

        I remember when Chris posted a picture on Airdisaster when I went
        to the site. 30 files uploaded? It was funny how small it was but I
        was hoping it would do well. I am happy so far but think it is in its
        infancy yet. I am not good with dates but I was also on airdisaster
        before any web search had it. 5 years, 6???? At that time it was links
        to around 5 crashes .
        They are still on that site today. When I stumble upon it for kicks I always smile.

        I do wish that Jetphotos and airdisaster would be the same forums but
        I am sure there is a good reason he did it this way. Glad to be here.
        Learning allot, Thanks to all whom participate!

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          I don't think the site was officially open untill the end of October.



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            First forum post was 10/17/02

            First pic added was 10/24/02

            I already researched all this.


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              Well, all the same! (Or read on 10-17-03)

              Happy birthday
              Hope ya live for a long time, and may you never see any dark days.
              - All the insignificant forum mongrels

              Kinda scary what some people personify these days...freaks me out that I wrote that with out even really thinking. Either way, congrats on the first anniversary!


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                wow a year old already that went quick, what is the total photos now
                Some people in today's society are so thick!


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                  Just wanted to say Congrats to!



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                    Go we can all enjoy this site and forum for many more years to come.

                    Hope we can continue staying friends here and making new ones!!!

                    And for the people that really P*ss people off, well they will continue post and keep P*ssing people off!


                    By the way, welcome to the forum Skyteam18.

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                    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

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                      We're currently at 149,428 photos. Looks like we'll get to celebrate the site's one year birthday around the same time we hit 150,000 photos.

                      Thanks to everyone who's made this site better than I'd ever imagined!
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                        All right JP.Net! 150,000 photos in one year...that in AMAZING guys!

                        Here's to another 150,000!


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                          In that case:
                          Happy birthday to everyone on this site!

                          I JetPhotos!