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facebook alowing x rated profile pics

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  • facebook alowing x rated profile pics

    Surprised to see nude guy complete with a hard on and suggestive butt pose pic open to public viewing posted as his profile pic, looks like a gay escort, infact he had some more in there, how did FB allow it?

    I happened upon the guy while looking up pics of a famous online aviation photographer and this character was one of many people following his works through FB, initially I couldnt make out the thumb nail but on clicking it all was revealed

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    Let me start by saying, thanks for not posting the link.

    Actually, Facebook does not allow such photos. However, there is no screening process to upload photos onto Facebook. So if you find something dodgy you should report it to Facebook. They will review your complaint and take action if deemed necessary.

    edited to add:
    to the right of the MESSAGE button there is a drop down box. You'll find the REPORT PAGE button there.
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      Done through all means at that site.


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        They are deleting a kind of photos like this now. Facebook is now very strict.