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    TAP - Transportes Aéreos Portugueses

    Voe mais alto. Fly higher.

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    Originally posted by TAP-A343 View Post
    Chicken Wings
    Well, who is able to run fsx on batteries (laptop)? I have never tried such a nonsense. Fsx needs a good cpu + some more details. Since some months, I fly an Intel i5-2500k midi tower, and I am quite happy with it. And due to my yob, my hit list is this: 1. 747 2. 757 3. 767 4. 737 5. 777 6. triple3 7. 332 and the 321/320/319/318 8. 343... dreamliner? Is this just too new for me?
    I've begun my fs jet career with B763ER fs9 freeware, the first jet cockpit that was never part of fs9 default a/c... Until today I dont know why MS never liked this beautiful bird, and I started with fs in the year 2003, so MS had quite some days to integrate B763ER, but they never did. It's a shame.

    FS since 10 years, wow. 2013 seems to become one of the best years. Until 2015, that would be 30 years of aviation enthusiasm for me, the first visit at my home airport included, back then without McD and SkyTrain... Sorry, I'm getting nostalgic again...
    Those were the days of NW and LT, nobody knows why today there doesn't exist one longhaul airline with EDDL base, LT seems to have been the very last one:
    LTU Tristar at my and her HomeAirport, 1995
    And there is a photographer, who is famous for photos with "year unknown". But I'd say, this one has been captured between 1978-1995, nearly the same category as the LT Tristars:
    CX Tristar at Kai Tak and Mr C doesn't know the year
    [With a second glance on that very beautiful CX bird, I'm just wondering when sideburns & moustaches became a trend... And with a third glance, ... oh Daryl, do you know everything that's in one of your more unknown pics, 5,000 views for a Daryl pic is nothing, isn't it? There is also one Varig two- or three-hole, and one of the non-automatized CX 747s, imho CX-B743. Let me make it my newest bookmark! ]

    This bird, the Lockheed Tristar is also one of my wishes for fsx, come on, CLS. I know that fsx will never get as realistic as the second pic in this post...(back on topic), but...
    Let's reanimate those days when state capitals like EDDL (in German: Landeshauptstädte) didn't only have a good airport, but also a home airline. CX did survive as a home airline for VHHH, but LT?...

    Dear regards to our partner airport (Portela) in the deep West of Europe. And thanks for this thread!
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    The German long haul is alive, since more than 60 years.
    The Gold Member in the 747 club, 50 years since the first LH 747.
    And constantly advanced, 744 and 748 /w upper and lower EICAS.
    This is Lohausen International airport speaking, echo delta delta lima.


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      Ah,ah, really realistic just like in the real bird . Ahahah.

      One simulator that I consider really realistic is X-flight. It is really nice.