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    So what is your favorite era and make of classic cars? Why?

    My favorites are the Olds 442's from the late 60's amd early 70's. Timeless styling and the killer 455 cid Rocket V-8. The chevy Monte Carlo from 1970-72 was another looker. Quite potent with the 454 SS option.

    I'd say GM produced the best muscle cars from this era. Mopars are a very close second with their Hemi V8's. Ford's gem was the Mercury Cougar (1967-70).
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    I have to say I'm an fan of 1960s British cars. Austins, Sunbeams, MGs, Triumphs, and Jaguars especially. I want one of the new Minis, in British Racing Green with the double white stripe down the middle, that would be so cool.


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      Man I really love the 1966 Ford Mustang!

      I have been looking for one! But nowhere to be found! I wonder why?

      This is a killer car!

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          I had a buch of Fox-Body Mustangs when I still used to live in Canada. The quickest of which ran [email protected] at 2300 feet elevation. It was a daily driver. I've since moved on to European cars, seeing as that I live in Europe now and need something with good brakes and handling.

          Even though it's not really a classic yet, my vote goes to the Fox-Body Mustang.