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"The Story of An Angel" - Novel about aviation

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  • "The Story of An Angel" - Novel about aviation


    finally my novel (translation from the German version which came out last year) was released on the Amazon Kindle Store yesterday. Possibly it will be also available in the US in the iBooks Store and as a print version as well - time will bring...

    It all started in March 2009, when I was injured in a shooting at my school in Southern Germany ( There were three fatalities among my classmates. It was one of the darkest chapters one could ever go through.

    Shortly afterwards my family made my biggest dream true: To become a pilot. I then started flying as one of the youngest pilots in Europe. It helped me thus to cope. But I had to write my feelings and thoughts down, which I did in form of this novel.

    Here is the description:
    “It was time for me to return to the skies. So that I could forget everything. To be able to look down on the earth and forget the bad people and the harm they do. To be free, up above, where there are not many people other than me. The place where I am close to Kate. I’d love to stay there – high up, above the clouds, above the rain.”
    ...inspired by a true story.

    David uses a Piper PA-28 on his around the world flight - it's the plane I learned to fly.

    Finally, of course the link:

    The German version "Unter den Flügeln der Engel" is available here:

    All the best

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    it is a great news to see you have overcome such a difficult experience and that this was achieved through aviation.

    It is a truly inspiration for anyone who has experienced or it is facing a bad downturn in life.

    I think This story of an angel will be in my wish list for the future Christmas.

    I wish blue sky and a nice flight

    Never give up.


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      Thank you so much for your emotional words. It was unbelievably great moment for me to read this now.

      Unfortunately I had a long absence from JetPhotos due to finishing school and now continuing with further licences and going to College. But I will soon be uploading some photos from my flights again

      I recently made a trailer about the love for aviation and the whole story:

      Once again thank you so much


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        Thanks for sharing your story with us !!!