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Ten Things To Hide in Boss's Office

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  • Ten Things To Hide in Boss's Office

    10. A "baby monitor." Makes those closed door meetings easier to hear.

    9. A pregnancy test kit with a positive result and an unsigned note
    saying: I told you that damn condom ripped.

    8. Put a piece of tape on the underside of his mouse. That way the
    ball doesn't roll and it will take the jerk and the IS department
    all day to figure it out.

    7. 32 beepers, all stashed in different places. (Borrow them from
    managers who are forced to wear them 24 hours a day.) Page a
    different beeper every 15 minutes. This works especially well if
    you also switch his morning decaf with espresso.

    6. First, simply hide pot seeds and watch as your clueless boss
    waters and nutures the plants daily. Second, watch as boss is
    escorted out of the building three months later by security ...

    5. Thong & lace bra the morning after the company Christmas party.

    4. Nonchalantly drop lingerie and then kick it under the front of
    his desk (where he can't see it, but visitors can) early in the
    morning before an important meeting. Then, during the meeting,
    stare quizzically at the floor under his desk.

    3. A memo from Accounting Department requesting a meeting to review
    his recent purchases on the company credit card?

    2. An open and empty condom wrapper ...

    And the number one fun thing to hide in your boss's office ...

    1. A stained dress.

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    Always a laugh, I see.... whew, if only I had access to the school principal's office!


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      Can we add a #11?

      11. NAMBLA literature, including an application for membership.


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        How about taking all the pictures down, scanning them, making small changes like the drunk employee with a bottle of Whiskey pissing in the flowers of the wedding photo, or put yourself in a vacation shot

        Works well!

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          Another good office joke is to swap the M and N keys around on the key board, drive people crazy. Another good one is to screw around with the auto word replace feature in MS Word. Have Word replace words like "the" to "F You", people will swear they have a virus, or just have Word misspell correctly spelled common words. Makes the boss look like an ass.


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            A dead fish. No, wait... ... several of them.

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              Originally posted by Triton1831
              A dead fish. No, wait... ... several of them.

              Thats just dumb, then you have to deal with the smell of dead fish and possibly attacking seagulls


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                Originally posted by SWA733Captain
                Originally posted by Triton1831
                A dead fish. No, wait... ... several of them.

                Thats just dumb, then you have to deal with the smell of dead fish and possibly attacking seagulls
                That's the whole idea, Little Scottie... the boss will have to deal with such. When you grow up and get a job and a boss, these adult things will become clearer to you. Until then, try not embarrasing yourself so.

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                  FYI, you would have to deal with it also. And did you just call me immature?

                  Them's fightin words


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                    I'm starting to think #9,5,2 and 1 are the oval office when Clinton was president.

                    Some other ones are:
                    1. If your boss drinks something red. Get yourself some Neutral Red, a water soluble, crystalline, red dye. Mix some into the persons wine and wait for them to take a leak. (Nuetral Red comes out as red as it goes in, and people have a tendancy to get really nervous when they start pissing what they think is blood!

                    Or do what Bluto did in Animal house, put a freaking horse into your bosses office(although thats not exactly hiding it).
                    I got the neutral red suggestion from this site theres a crap load of good pranks on that site.


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                      Ooooh disapearing ink...


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                        Thanks for the laughs!


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                          Don't forget the ONIONS!

                          hamburger onions wrapped tightly in a paper towel and hidden deep
                          within a drawer or up on a shelf!

                          paging Mr. BO Stankey!