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  • Die Hard Bloopers!

    Yesterday evening, I was watching Die Hard (The airport one) and there are several thought's which cropped up in my mind about some of the things the terrorists did to cripple the airport.

    following provocation, the terrorists altered the descent path of the ILS beam, setting it some 200ft lower than the runway, sharpening the path and meaning (so it would seem) that thier onboard systems show them some 200ft higher than they are in reality.

    However, my friend pointed out that surely there would be many cross-checks they can do on approach to distinguish as to where they are and make adjustments in according with descent rates and so on????

    also in reality, the pilots are required to actually see the runway before proceeding to land the aircraft - in the film the runway appears seconds before they crash..I also remember you have to check the status of the papi lights to the left of the surely a crash wouldn't be possible - or would it?

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    But this is for a dramatic effect in a fim. It's not the real world !

    However ! .......... given recent flight crew cock ups a miscalibrated ILS could, I suppose, well lead to a crash.
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      It's a movie...don't think too hard about it. Just like cops and doctors tear apart the realism in cop or medical movies/TV shows, the same is true for aviation-related movies.

      In real life, a CAT III ILS would bring you in with very little visibility.
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        Since you watched the entire movie, you also know from the story line that the aircraft circling Dulles were desperately low on fuel. I believe the bad guys even said to pick on one that was lowest on fuel....therefore it is inferred that the crew did not have much choice.



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          Then it blew up like it was fully fueled.

          Also, the entire premise of the movie is bogus. All they'd have to do is get National, Washington Center, or the Air Force to contact the planes and divert them elsewhere. In an emergency, they would find a way to clear a runway at another airport.

          Also, there are numerous airports close to Washington capable of handing large jets as well as military bases such as Andrews and NAS Patuxent River.

          That said, it's still a great action flick.