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  • connection help!

    Hi here
    with more than 1700 photos uploaded, suddently I am unable to connet the photo upload page again for months. the attempt always ended with the end of "unable to connect the website". I am from China. I try with different computers, mobile phones, even cities, but always failed to open the front page and upload page of which I saving in my favorite website files. How I can do to go through? Thanks in advance for your great ideas!

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    I don't know how many intercontinental connections China is able to provide.

    You know the founder of this website? Then you know for how many nautical miles (nmi) your telephone connection has to be good for...

    From here, it is not always, in every hour of day and night, possible to connect with the jp website.

    But theoretically, you are much more nearer to this website than me!

    Did you try a Hong Kong, Dubai, Frankfurt, San Francisco or New York access to this website? One of this five connects me with jp.

    I am here since more than 5 years, and I've never had a connection problem for more than 6 days.
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    The German long haul is alive, since more than 60 years.
    The Gold Member in the 747 club, 50 years since the first LH 747.
    And constantly advanced, 744 and 748 /w upper and lower EICAS.
    This is Lohausen International airport speaking, echo delta delta lima.