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Record skydiving altitude

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  • Record skydiving altitude

    I'm surprised by the lack of media attention to the 25 mile skydive by Alan Eustace

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    He deliberately refused any commercial backing even when Google wanted to back him because he just wanted to do his own thing for himself without any fanfare. He certainly got that wish as I haven't seen any official media coverage at all.
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      That big search machine was paused in their very normal business: pictures for everyone (who is online) on this planet?

      I have to confess, I don't either know what our new LH chief leftseat is doing in every second, and I don't wanna know (meet by chance one of Obama's a/c...) .

      But LH is not known for picture publishing. What I have in mind, Mr Eustace is older than our new LH chief leftseat. So, can we do something like that here in Germany, with a prominent LH cast?

      When I think twice, then he should not do it. We really need him because he is a good guy,
      and he finally is a professional airman**,
      which is a skill that only very few of his predecessors were able to provide.

      And most probably, his insurance does not allow such extraordinary stunts.

      **You may pay attention to who says hello from the cockpit...
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