The QF-B763ER is gone, in a quiet manner. I don't know if this will ever be worth an academy award.

But there are films which at least contain a little bit of aviation. Do you know one?

Sleepless in Seattle (obvious)
Jackie Brown (obvious, within the first 3 minutes)

Not directly connected to aviation (?) >>
Beautiful Girls (Timothy Hutton is a piano player from New York City)

Uma Thurman. Do you like women who are older than you? I have to confess, yes (she is + 8 years). But in Beautiful Girls she has a strong competition with

Natalie Portman. Do you like women who are younger than you? I have to confess, yes (she is - 3 years). And she is clever. In Léon (1994) she is the female hero, without competition.

I love those winter films. And who connects even the smallest village to the whole wide world?

+1 : A fish (!) called Wanda, published in 1988, starring ...
a BA-B742 in the legendary 'Landor' design, the reg is visible, and I'd bet, I could find it here at jp...