I know when it started, at least in the case of my nickname. I don't demand that similar nicknames also know when it started, e.g. LX 343.

1969. Mr Joe Sutter saw his baby flying for the first time. I have to review the 747 film that is shown here in Germany regularly, but the first sponsor ,from beyond the pond, for the first transatlantic double decker B741 was:
(no exaggerated self esteem but it seems like a fact)

Besides us, there are one or two airlines from the B741 years that also have a future :
Air Canada (Red Maple, in contrast to "AC Ice", Dorval),
Avianca (Eldorado), Qantas, Air France, Alitalia, ANA, Iberia, Scandinavian Air (!), Swiss (B741), British Air, and United.

We can't expect consistency from our politicians. But I like to expect continuity in my job.

Vater erzählt vom Krieg.

But now, here I am the oldest man of 5, after father died. And I still don't fill the two holes that he left.

And this is still G-rated. Come on, I know what 16 year old girls (and boys!) do.
In Germany: ab 16.

I'd wished, he had presented us a successor for his father role, with his yob (1945). The elder in a small family can not be replaced. There is a hole.
Exactly 70,5 years is his age, today. One of his older sisters is still alive.
Our small, or not so small family (his sisters all have grandchildren). And he would be a grandfather.

PS: Since I Know that men are able to die, in the case of misuse of life energy (John Belushi) in the age of 33, and with the ignorance of help of your personal doctor med., in the age of 64 (a grandfather candidate, back in 2009), I publish honourable men rather earlier than later!
Another candidate for mention is Mr Dieter Geike (Blonker). He does not publish his birthday. But I know his music since... let's say 1988. On his homepage, he is more precise about the beginning of Blonker...