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    Good Day - A little help please. Whenever I do a search now on JetPhotos, I get all kinds of hits, usually about 180 images that don't seem to have any connection to my search, typically I am looking to check a registration, to see if it is in the database. I don't understand why I get all of these matches, and what I can do to clear them out. Thanks for any help.

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    To check a registration on the homepage search go to ........... "Registration"...
    Select "Is exactly" in the criteria box....
    Enter the registration in the free type box.
    Click "Find the photos".
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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      Just logged in, thought I'd look to see if anyone had any help. Thanks for your reply Brian, that seems to have worked. Not sure what changed, but I did not have to do that before, but no issue, I'm no longer the computer whiz I once was. It was just frustrating when searches were clogged by a bunch of extra stuff. New method, great. Appreciate your help! Thanks again.