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Anchorage area spotting advices?

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  • Anchorage area spotting advices?

    Hey guys,

    greetings from Germany first
    I will visit Anchorage within the next weeks for a duration of around 7 days. I know way to short but better then not visiting anyway.

    Does someone knows good spots to take photos at the airport and at the water airports? I just found only 3 spotting positions at PANC which seems quite less?

    I will have a car (maybe smaller SUV) but no ladder. Maybe someone is able to bypass some tipps to me
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    You might find this link useful...

    It's a tad bowel loosening to read about keeping clear of the dangerousl animals !
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      thanks for the link I have found that particular one already and for me it seems very odd that there seems to be only 2 positions. I can not really believe that.

      If you look on that picture I believe the warning is a good one especially for the people not caring about their environment/things going on around them
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        Did you get my email ?

        I've got a few pics to send you to the right places !