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Newbie here - A bit terrified of planes & jets

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  • Newbie here - A bit terrified of planes & jets

    This is probably a very strange thing to say for someone who has signed up to a jet forum buut I'm a bit scared of flying.

    This is why I actually decided to join, maybe learning more about planes might help me overcome my fear. I'm supposed to board a plane to Germany next week and stay there for 18 hours because I'm moving for a new job at linseis. And I need to get used to flying/stop being afraid of it ASAP because I will probably have to fly more often after the move.

    Anyway! I'm looking forward to learn more about these majestic beasts.

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    It's not strange at all and you're certainly not alone in having a fear of flying!

    There are two things you can get from these forums, one good and the other not so good.

    The good thing is a lot of discussion of aviation in general. You might in particular want to visit the "flight review" forum and read about people's experiences on the airlines.

    The bad thing is that there is a lot of discussion here about aviation accidents and flaws (both real and imagined) in the "system". Looking at that, it's easy to form the impression that accidents are a frequent or likely thing and that's simply not the case! Statistically, flying on a commercial passenger aircraft is an incredibly safe way to get from one place to another. It's sometimes said as a joke but is actually true, that you're much more likely to get hurt or killed driving to/from the airport than you are in an airplane.

    Here's another way of looking at it: if you can, get a window seat. Then as you sit there and the plane is taking off, rather than focusing on all the things that could but won't go wrong, focus on what an incredible experience aviation is! Perhaps my feelings on the subject are a bit exaggerated, but I think that being able to go up in an airplane and see the world from a different perspective is an amazing and magical thing. Enjoy it!
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      Hey, I am a newbie too! It's not a shame to be afraid of planes.

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        I am also afraid of riding airplanes but I have no choice to ride it because my work requires me to travel.


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          Originally posted by elaw View Post
          Here's another way of looking at it: if you can, get a window seat.
          Another point with this, is if you have a window seat, you'll always know where you are in relation to the ground, so during approach and landing, you're not startled by touchdown! I also agree that being able to see the world from the air is an amazing experience, and I try to fly as often as I can.