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    On FRONTLINE the other night they had an show about Iraq and how the 41st ,42nd,and 43rd presidents have dealed witht the Iraq issue and who stayed the same throughout. Round 1 begin. Apparently Powell is the moderate voice of caution in the council while Rumsfield and his SoD boys are proponents of war. There was a uprising in Southern Iraq at the end of the gulf war. Colin Powell, afraid of too much militaristic action got Bush 1's ear and said encourage not help the rebels. Bush 1 listened. meanwhile the now deputy secretary of defense and his honchos at the pentagon decided that we should support the rebel's and push saddam out. They might have been right. Bush 1 decided not to help the rebels and Iraq's military crushed them. No Bush's decision could be considered wrong at first sight but he was basing his decisions on the fact that Saddam would not be able to survive in the post-war period. This assumption was wrong and Bush 1 lost the election to Clinton. But the war hawks(including now secretary of defense D.R. and the now deputy secretary of defense stayed at the pentagon. Enter round 2. clinton is president and the foreign policy doctrine was a version written by the now deputy secreatry of defense based of pre emptive strike and revised to a containment strategy by Dick Cheney.(Older forum members may remember this the document was leaked to the press and the government had Cheney revise it because the original document was a "bash the bastard's" type document.) Clinton was in favor of pre empting Iraq and even sent warplanes to attack before he kicked out the inspectors but he sent them back to base before they bombed anything. The warhawks because they were far right wingers could not catch Bill's ear. Round 3 begin. GWB is elected and he seems to be with Powell against war and following the policy of containment. Everyone seems to be that way except for number 1 and number 2 at the DoD. They are ringleaders of a group of Pentagon officals who want to blow Baghdad to hell. Nobody listens to them...until 9/11/01. Bush is confused and probably doubts whether it was worth the court fight in Florida for the presidency. The cabinet met that day Rumsfeld was there to influence Bush to blow up some bastard's. the guy against war was on his way back from S. America. Rumsfeld and his supporters began getting the ear of W. And reclarifying his words in more warlike manner. War on Terror begins. Ends in Afghanistan quickly. Rummy and friends see chance to go to baghdad once and for all. Powell wins minor victories such as the U.N. resolution. Rummy wins major victories. look now the U.S. military is on the verge of flowing into Iraq. This mini drama is still in the works and the consequences are up in the air.

    On a different subject. France buys illegal oil from Iraq at low prices same with Russia. If the U.S. beats Iraq the oil prices will go to a standard oil price instead of a cheap price that france and Russia are getting the oil at. I wonder why these 2 oppose the liberation of Iraq from Hussein?