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GO See 'The Life of David Gale' with Kate Winslet w/ME!

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  • GO See 'The Life of David Gale' with Kate Winslet w/ME!

    WARNING: shameless self-plug by movie star FlyingTexan

    I am not exactly a star, but an extra.

    Universal’s ‘The Life of David Gale’ with Kate Winslet (Titanic), Kevin Spacey, and Matt Craven (A Few Good Men, Crimson Tide) hit the big screen this past Friday (Feb 21). This death penalty themed drama is produced by Alan Parker (Mississippi burning), Nicholas Cage, and Jeff Levine.

    The December 2001 shooting took place in Huntsville, Texas outside the notorious Walls Unit, home to Texas’ death row and execution chamber. As an extra, I am part of a TV news crew.

    I spent 3 chilly, rain / sleet, below freezing 12 hour days on the set. I retreated to the tailgate that 1970’s vintage Ford pickup truck with Matt (Dusty) between takes smoking and sipping coffee.

    Kate Winslet (Bitsey) almost ran me over a few times in that red Ford Taurus rental car! She almost ran over lots of people on the set – someone needs to teach her how to drive.

    The movie’s debut has been pushed back several times.

    View clips, pictures, and more here:

    I went to see it Friday (YES, I had to PAY to see my own movie!!!)

    Overall, the movie got HORRIBLE reviews (Except the Atlanta Journal Constitution at B minus) Unfortunate for such big talent and my big screen debut. It came in #6 at the box office for the weekend, $7.2 Million. Word is the production went 20 over the original $60 Million budget for a grand total of 80 Large.

    GO SEE it - let me know what you think. It really is a GREAT MOVIE!!!
    JR FlyingTexan

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    Thats awesome!! I would love to be an extra in a movie....If i go see it, you said you are in the News Crew? What color hair, what were you wearing? WHat part of the movie is it in...


    PS: are you the FlyinTexan from


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      Sounds interesting. Found some stuff about it here


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        Yes – I am FlyingTexan on other forums.

        (I am currently staying away from because I said something out of a knee jerk reaction and some other users have been all over me. I’ll be back a few days – it was my fault – I usually hold my political opinions to myself).

        If you have not met me several times, probably will not notice me. I have several friends and family members who have gone to see the movie and report sightings.

        The scenes I’m part of:

        The ‘media village’ aka Press Conference. This is the press conference by the Texas Prison spokesman right when Gale is ordering his last meal. You keep hearing ‘SIX TWELVE PM’

        I’m 6’3” – extremely slender build - blond hair – crew cut. I’m holding a real news camera (I think it says ‘News 5’ or something like that). My ‘news reporter’ – holding the microphone in front of my news camera – is a professionally dressed (quite attractive, I might add) black chick. She is more noticeable in the scenes than I.

        I’m wearing jeans and a large blue raincoat in one scene, a gray fleece coat in the other scenes. Due to the heavy coats - I look a bit more built than I really am.

        Like I said, if you have not met me / or see pix of me – you probably won’t notice my mug.

        The scenes filmed from the helicopters were great – too bad most of them got ‘edited’ out. I’ll fill yall in on those later…
        JR FlyingTexan


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          That is soooo cool!

          I am gonna go see the movie once it gets to the Dollar theater (I am such a cheap skate! )



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            COOL Texan! Great to see a fellow member onscreen! LOL

            U R 100% about keep political views to one's self. I practice the same, including religion.

            We'll keep an eye out for the tall blonde camera dude! LOL

            peace, M
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              I'm the tall one
              JR FlyingTexan


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                You need to work on your site some. Sorry couldn't help noticing that. Speaking of extras my aunt was in the recent Denzel Washington directed movie ( I forget what it is called)