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Sigma 50-500mm F4,5-6,3 DG OS HSM - Opinions

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  • Sigma 50-500mm F4,5-6,3 DG OS HSM - Opinions

    Hey Forum!

    At first, i dont know if this is the right place for the thread, so if there is a better place for the post, i would be very happy when any admin could move it - thank you!

    Now to my Questions for the lens im talking about:

    Does anyone own this lens?
    What are your opinions to this lens? (Are you happy with it or was it a "failed purchase" - would you buy it again)?
    What is with the quality of the lens? (sharpness, resoloution, material and processing)?
    What is with the variedness of the lens (wildlife, zoo, landscape, motorsport and of course planespotting) - is it suitable for it?
    What is with the autofocus? (too slow for sports, accuracy)?

    I have found a lot of positive comments to this lens but there were some negative too and because of that id like to ask by myself.

    I hope here is someone who can give some examples.
    Thank you very very much in advance and have a nice evening!
    Best Regards from Germany,
    Julian S.​

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    A friend of mine use the 50-500 as his primary lens and AFAIK he is pretty happy with it.

    You can fiend his photos here:


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      I own this lens since the May 2015 and since the beginning I inclined to this variant in choice of the similar lenses.
      I'm really glad to this purchase and never was regret about it. The quality is the similar to 100-400 1 but the universality is much higher. I had many situations where the 50mm was very useful (where the 70mm or even 100mm would be too much). 500mm at far range is also good advantage in comparation with 100-400.
      In comparation with 150-600 my mind is that it's better to have 50mm at closer range than 600 at far.
      The quality is perfect till the 300mm. At 400-500 it's good, satisfactory. Sometimes you can have small out of focus at high focal length but the continuous shooting will always bring the perfect frame. But I think such the moments are acceptable to the all zoom lens.
      The autofocus is accuracy, not too fast but pretty.

      The examples of my aviation photos can be seen here:
      Almost all the photos from the ground after May 2015 was taken with this lens. The camera is Canon 550D.

      For other kinds of shooting except the aviation it's also suitable. I had an experience with horse sport, sometimes met the foxes near airport and of course birds.

      I also saw many doubt opinions about this lens before the purchase but my expectations were met and I never regret about it.
      Of course the thorough test of the current exemplar before the buy is necessary.
      A friend of me had the problem with stabilizer after the year of use. It works but not correctly at the beginning (there are some bangs before it turns on). One time I also had these "bangs" but I fixed it by switching the stabilizer off then turned camera on and off and then switched the stabilizer on while the camera is offed. After this it worked correctly everytime. I don't think this is often situation but just for you note.

      Hope some of this will help.
      Regars, Kirill.


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        Thank you so much for your answers!!!

        I was a bit sceptical due to the 50mm at the beginning and 500mm at the end, but the examples you both have given are great and match with my expectations i had to the lens.
        That will simplify my decision i think .

        Feel free to post other opinions (both positive and negative aspects). I am glad for any answer!

        Have a nice weekend and always happy spottings!
        Best Regards from Germany,
        Julian S.​


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          A friend who does only spotting bought one but sold it again a few months later. What he said :

          - often unless over 350mm (too soft), lot of distortion under 100mm
          - Auto-focus not reliable and not fast enough.

          That's only his opinion and I never tested it myself

          Sorry I know it doesn't help you much