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How not to argue

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  • How not to argue

    The best way to put up a really, really crap argument is to completely fail to read the previous posts or have any idea of what the discussion is about. I'm getting tired of repeating the same old thing over and over again in a 'certain' thread because some people here are incapable of either reading or understanding a single thing they see.

    Take the time to actually read whats going on, it's a lot less hassle for the rest of us.
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    yes i agree with you
    Some people in today's society are so thick!


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      Same, this would help in getting less dupes in topics. Whenever I can, I browse in the back pages and "re-launch" old topics.
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        I disagree. I have UNALIENABLE rights, and if I don't want to read the crap some person who has no life wrote before me. Anything I say is RIGHT and that's FINAL. SO there. Don't even bother attacking my words.

        END OF "How to Start and Arguement"

        PS. I didn't read anything above this

        just kidding...