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  • Weather modification

    I was just wondering if anyone here has ever done any work with weather modification (cloud seeding). I'm currently taking a class on it. Its just an introductory class. I took the class because I had seen some pictures and heard some descriptions from one of my meteorology students of what it is like. Sounds like fun to me flying light aircraft around thunderstorms and such. I thought the class would be really interesting...but its not. I've learned more about the microphysics of a cloud than I really care to know. Anyway, if anyone has any experience, would it be worth taking a more advanced course in this and possibly seeking an internship doing cloud seeding. I just figured it would be another way to build time on top of instructing. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Emu,

    Heres a good article on the flying aspect of it:

    and of course Weather Mod Inc.'s site:

    Sounds interesting to me - lots of crazy flying hours and extreme chop


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      I have been doing this for years! If I want rain, I just wash my car. If I want nothing but sunshine, I put fertilizer on my grass.

      works every time.