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Cuba and Malta, Visited??

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  • AC_A340-500
    Yes, I've been to Malta (in 1999). I was there from July 7th to the 21st. I had the pleasure or flying Air Malta's A320 from FRA-Malta, and then on one of their 737's on the way back. Good service. They even played Mozart's Symphony Number 40 when we landed back in Frankfurt. The only thing that unnerved me a little was the announcemet before take off in Malta: "We're going to be delayed a few minutes. We're having some problems getting the windshield back in."

    Malta itself was awesome. I stayed in Sliema (between Valetta and St. Julian's) at the Hybernia House hostel. Cool place to meet people. Met people from all over the world there. From all over Europe (they were there for Malta's many English language schools), Lybians (who were visiting the British Embassy), Egyptians (looking for work), Turks (studying at the University there), Kiwis, Australians, Canadians and even the odd American.

    The Maltese people are very guest friendly. They'll stop and offer you a ride if you're standing at a bus stop, for example (happened to me). The buses there are a treat!! Check out:

    Crime is low there. The food is good for the most part. Only three sandy beaches, but the rest of the stone-beaches are good too, because they're only about 2 meters higher than the water level, and they're pretty smooth (you don't hurt yourself on the rocks). They have "the Blue Lagoon" there too. The water colour is amazing!

    Lots of history to see. Lots of stuff dating back 2000 years. For example the Apostle Paul was shipwrecked there while he was on the way to Rome. You can even visit the grotto that he lived in during his 3 month stay. As a result, pretty much everything is named "St. Paul (Pawl)" incl. streets, churches, buildings etc.

    Buses are cheap (4 cents per ride), and the weather is fantastic, at least in July (had 1 hour of cloud cover in two weeks. t's also the home to "Popeye Village" - The place where "Popeye" was filmed. Once a year they have a huge techno rave at Popeye Village, with the dance floor reaching out into the Mediterranean Sea. It's worth the trip!

    p.s. the Maltese girls are very attractive too!

    Maltese buses:

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  • sv
    started a topic Cuba and Malta, Visited??

    Cuba and Malta, Visited??

    Any one Visited Cuba or Malta before???

    I want to see these two countries.