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Reno/ Lake tahoe area.... how is it?

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  • Reno/ Lake tahoe area.... how is it?

    Hey, I think that I may be able to sneak off and get on to Nevada for a week or so during Christmas. I've been to Las Vegas before, so I considered Reno. My mom's best friend lives there, so I have a place to stay. Is reno a nice place to see? and is it worth going to? Especially tahoe...

    Will it be snowy there or will there be just crappy weather there? I don't mind snow, just in case anyone wondered.

    If Reno/Tahoe is not a good place to visit, any other recommendations are appreciated. And to *try* to make this post less self-centered, what's your favorite winter place?

    Mine would be Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, Canada...

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    Re: Reno/ Lake tahoe area.... how is it?

    Rio de Janerio, Brazil.

    Hey, you asked for my favorite "winter" place!