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Drug education in schools, is the info they give good?

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  • Drug education in schools, is the info they give good?

    I'm asking for your opinions on the quality of drug education in schools (D.A.R.E etc.) When I took DARE in grade 6 (4 years ago) the booklet was pretty straight forward, the basic alcohol and pot is bad. I look back now and realize what a crock that program is. My main problem with the program, and most programs, is that they don't cover the danger of addictions with perscription and over the counter drugs. I'm only mentioning this is because when I was in grade 6 taking DARE my mom brought up the point of perscription drug addiction ( if they educate us about it) and I just shrugged it off. Since then I have been hooked on sleeping pills (trazodone, tamazipam, and OTC sedatives) but I really wish I more information about how addictive drugs besides "gateway drugs" were.
    In short I genually feel that these programs don't give ENOUGH information, they just give info about pot, alcohol, and cigarettes. In today's society that isn't enough.

    I'm looking for your opinions, if you give me your opinions i'll be nice :P

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    Your right, they don't give enough information. They are after all just programs, not a complete course of study. But, in your case, they did manage to plant the "seed" of knowledge, as you evidently want more.


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      Unfortunently now I know how addictive perscription drugs are. But I wish drug educators and creators of these programs would bring into light perscription drug dangers and addictions.


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        up in tell 4th grade i lived in the ghetto and all any body said about drugs was that they were good. But then every thing changed and i moved to the suberbs and they still didnt have anything on drugs, one time i had to do a little porject on were basicly we just had to list what could happen if you took drugs.
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          Drugs are bad, m'kay.


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            If mr.makey says drugs are bad I guess instead of saying ass I should say buns, and instead of Shyte say poo. :P I wish Mr.Makey was my drug counseler (he'd probably give more information then most teachers).

            Does mr.makey remind anyone else of Dr.Phil???


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              I am convinced some people are pre disposed to become dependant or addicted to drugs, be they illegal, OTC, prescription or alcohol.

              I certainly have a lot of exposure to all less the illegal variety, and when it cam time to stop taking them, or change prescriptions no problemo. I have taken morphine, and percocet, probably among the more addictive of narcotic pain killers and when I had run the course of therapy, I stopped taking them. Ditto for alcohol- love the stuff at times, at others I do not drink at all, or as is the case at present am restricted to 2 beer per day by virtue of employment circumstances. Not quite sure how you get hooked on trazodone, I can understand benzo diazepines. At various points I have to take up to five prescription drugs per day, my quality of life suffers if I do not, so drugs used responsibly are a godsend for me at least. On the other hand I had my *ss hauled of to the hospital in an Ambulance because all the crap that I ws on was giving me the shakes and seizures; the cop that arrived first asked me when I had gotten out of detox, I was in such a bad state. Not something I care to repeat ever, so I not imagine taking illegal drugs to obtain the same sort of a high, if yuo can call it that.
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                I don't think the Trazodone was as addictive as my body made it out to be. My doctor perscribed it as a mild sedative to work together with Fluvoxamine (luvox) for my OCD. But I wasn't taking my fluvoxamine (long story) so the trazodone wasn't working well so I was upping the dosage. With the Trazodone I think it was more of a psychosimatic(sp?) addiction, because I had the mindset that I could not get to sleep without it. The Temazipam on the other hand is a VERY addictive sedative and I unfortunently fell dependent on that too. I came to my senses when I started getting psyically ill from both the trazodone and temazipam I stopped using them immediatly. I'm trying to get myself off of OTC sedatives now.
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                  Ignorance is bliss.