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Could someone from Germany explain this?

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    Originally posted by SWA733Captain
    Originally posted by Cubana
    How in hell do you know that unuseful-at-all information, Jeff?
    It says it right on most toilets.
    You Americans are so strange.


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      No just cheap. We want to save money on the water bill.


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        yea, we are strange for conserving water...


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          Originally posted by JeffinDEN
          yea, we are strange for conserving water...
          Yes Jeff, you're right. God bless America. :P


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            I can't believe that I've missed out on this topic!!

            Ok, here goes: I've had this debate about 1000 times since I got here 4 years ago. Most people here in Germany indeed prefer the "submerged-feces" toilet to the "open-air" style. While there are still many households and public rest rooms with the old open-air style toilets around, most are now being replaced with the plop-into-the-water style toilet bowles. Obvious advantages are indeed reduced odor and a marked reduction in toilet scarring. Disadvantages are splashing of one's rear end.

            I have noticed that some people here still prefer the open-air syle though. I've done some investigating, and come to the conclusion (based on toilet-profiling), that there is a positive correlation between gender/body weight and toilet preference. Typically, men (generally being heavier than women, also taking bigger, longer dumps) prefer the submerged-feces style toilet, while women like the open-air toilets better.

            Why? This can be better understood using this simple ananlogy:

            1. Men's stool:
            -take an old magazine, roll it up, and tie two elastic bands around it at both ends so it doesn't unravel.
            -Hold the rolled up magazine vertically, above the toilet bowl about 12 inches above the water-level.
            -gently lower the magazine into the water
            (You'll notice it slowly breaks the surface tension of the water and smoothly settles in the bottom of the bowl like an old man easing his way into a hot bath.)

            2. Women's stool:
            -take a handfull of grape-sized marbles and throw them into the toilet water from 24 inches above the water. (Women don't like sitting on toilet seats - especially in public places.)

            Toilet bowl preference is based on the physical characteristics of one's stool, in combination with the velocity with which the stool falls (potentially breaking the surface tension of the water).


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                Fantastic I know everything
                BUY GLASS BONGS
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                  Especially here lately in Colorado, especially Colorado Springs, we have been in a pretty bad drought, only allowed to water the lawn once a week. Not to mention we can find "the useless information" that Cubana was speaking about a the Home Depot or Lowes. For those of you not familiar they are home improvement warehouses. They have just about every building material around


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                    we have the german toilets to
                    My New Photo Name on is DutchAviation!!!!

                    why should we fight about wich aircraft manufactor is better..............

                    thats so childish....

                    because hey we all know boeing is better