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    -Quite smoking
    -get tons of money
    -travelling more
    -using the latter to set up my business
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      Your resolution for '04

      Drink less Coke
      Lose (Christmas) pounds
      Sell as much stuff on Ebay as possible
      Use that money (if enough) for HAM-AMS-ATL-JAX DL BusinessElite in Summer
      Pass my A-Levels


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        1. Most importantly, do well in my GCSE exams

        2. Don't go on my computer as much and instead, revise for my exams

        3. Spot at any other airport apart from MAN cos I've now got enough shots from there

        4. Spot for 3 months, non-stop after my GCSE exams 'till I'm 16


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          My aviation related 2004 resolution would be to finish my PPL before the end of the year but that does depend on money and time.

          I've got too many non-aviation resolutions to list here.


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            Mine is to end up with a rather special person...
            I walked across an empty land
            I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
            I felt the earth beneath my feet
            Sat by the river and it made me complete


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              Mine is not to make any resolutions
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                My resolutions are;
                -Attain my Commercial pilots Licence + multi engine instrument rating, which i'm studying for now.
                - Learn to type propely
                - put ON weight
                - Pay off what I owe the government as quicky as possible


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                  Pass all my AS exams

                  More time into homework/revision, less time on computer games, internet etc.

                  Look after my money, less spending on cr*p


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                    - gain the 20 pounds back i just lost from being sick...and maybe a few more too
                    - be the top of my kickboxing class....this one is least likely to happen haha
                    - speak french fluently instead of *almost*
                    - speak icelandic better
                    - procrastinate less!!!
                    - stop swearing altogether
                    - get back off the beaten path and walk with the lord the rest of the way

                    Peace 'n stuff...


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                      No resolutions for me, some wishes though... nothing major, just getting accepted by LH pilot academy or, if that doesn't happen, by some good university.

                      Well we're free to dream, aren't we?


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                        I suppose my resolutions would be to lose some punds but who dowsn't want that, get off my ass and finish my cfi, and since i graduated this last semester get a job and get on with life as scary as that may be, and i suppose a woman woudl be nice too but i don't want to ask too much of myself.
                        I hope I die like my gradfather, peacefuly in his sleep. Not like his passengers screaming in horror.