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How To Post Pictures.

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  • How To Post Pictures.

    I put together a few screenshots and stuff to show you how to post pictures.

    Step 1:

    Find the picture you want posting and right click on it to bring up this:

    Step 2:

    Then click properties so you get this window:


    Step 3:

    Highlight and copy the Address (URL):


    Step 4:

    Then on your post do this:

    [img] put the address you copied here [/img]

    Step 5:

    and your picture should appear like:

    Hope it helps,


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    Thank you Joe. To get it in the new window you right click it comes up in its own window. You take that address and put it in the HTML code. (I can't get the other code to work) It should look like that's how I got it to work. This lesson should be for everyone whose photos turn out to be X's. So Joe take my name out of the subject line please.

    Thanks alot for the explanation even though no matter how much time I put into it it would not work.


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      Changed the subject

      | My Photos | My Profile |


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        Keep in mind that some of those on dialup (including me when I'm at work ) hate it when people post the full-size, 500kb photos in a thread, especially multiple times.

        I suggest doing the procedure above, but with the photo thumbnail, and then providing a link to the full-size photo, like so:

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          Yes with the width and height attributes in HTML you can downsize the photo by have or quarter.