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How old is your computer?

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  • How old is your computer?

    I have a 6 year old Gateway running Windows 98.

    It only has a 10GB hard drive

    Luckily, my Dell will arrive in 2 weeks

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    Mine is an 18 day old iBook G4, running Mac OS X (10.3) Panther.

    Before I had that, I had a 4 year old Gateway running Windows 98... we still have it and it's terribly slow compared to the Mac
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      I'm on a Gateway notebook.

      128 Mb RAM

      1.2 GHz Celeron

      20 GB Hard Drive

      14" LCD


      I also use a home built computer

      1800MHz AMD Athlon

      512 RAM

      180 GB Hard Drives (1x 120 2x 30s)

      15" Monitor

      128 MB ATI Radeon


      And finally, I've got two junkers sitting around. A Toshiba notebook with 90MHz Pentium Pro and a Dell with I think a 133 MHz Pentium


      But I'd like to get a Macintosh sometime in the future. I need a change.

      Equipment: A camera (who gives a rip about the brand?)


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        My favourite if not in fact my regular cybercafé is I think 2 years old.
        For the expert who can determine the age just by reading
        Manufacturer : LG Lucky-Goldstar
        Type .............. Flatron L1510S
        Screen ........... Flat, I guess a nice 17 inches
        Keyboard ....... Dell
        Thanks for visiting
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          My Toshiba M-15 is six months old

          Processor: Centrino 1.4 (about a 2.6-2.8ghz P4)
          Ram: 512mb
          HD: 40gb
          Screen: 15"
          Battery life: 6hrs 5min
          Operating system: Windows XP Home
          Other: 8x DVD rom and CD burner (dont remember exact specs on the burning and reading)


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            Home bulit Jan. 2003

            AMD Athlon 1.7 gig processor
            Epox Motherboard
            80 Gig Western Digital Hard Drive (8 mb buffer)
            256mb RAM PC 3200 DDR 400mhz
            "Cheap" CD/RW
            64mb video card
            17" NEC Monitor


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              I'm in Philadelphia quite often (as I used to live there and my father still lives in my old house) and I have my old computer there, which I use sometimes.

              It's a 6 year old Acer.
              Windows 98 (F.E.)
              64 MB RAM
              12GB H.D.
              17 inch Acer Monitor...
              Pentium II, 450 MHz

              The best part of it is that they never charged me for it

              it runs like new!!


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                My computer was new in November 2000, so it's just over 3 years old.

                Dell Pentium III 800MHz
                320MB Ram
                120GB Hard drive
                17" CRT Monitor
                Windows ME
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                  Mine was built in January 2003-

                  Windows XP

                  - Intel Pentium 4 Processor
                  - 384MB DDR
                  - 32X CD-RW
                  - 16XDVD
                  - Geforce 4 TI4400/128MB
                  - 40GB


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                    just over 2 years old (wow time's flown )

                    packard bell imedia
                    > win xp home
                    > 40GB hdd (desperately needing new one)
                    > 256mb RAM (desperately looking at upgrade)
                    > P4 1.5Ghz
                    > 17" CRT
                    > Microsoft inteli optical mouse thingy
                    > DVD-rom
                    > CD-rw
                    > Geforce 2 MX400


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                      About 6 months.

                      P4 2.8GHz
                      1GB RAM
                      160GB hard drive
                      128MB Radeon 9700 Pro
                      2 Monitors
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                        Mine is about 2-3 years old now.


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                          dont know much about my computer,
                          Age: 1 year
                          GHz: 2.6
                          Pentium 4
                          windows XP
                          Flat screen
                          color: black
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                          thats so childish....

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                            My computer is about 8.5 months old. By the time it will be a year old, only parts of it will be a year old, as I am about to embark on an upgrade binge of around $600 that will put in a nice 2.60 GHz P4 w/800FSB (and HT), a new mobo, a 128MB graphics card, a new sound card (my graphic and sound cards are currently integrated into my current mobo), and possibly a new case (that is if necessary).


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                              Last generation iBook G3

                              Bought it 2 weeks ago

                              Processor G3 900 MHZ
                              Hard Drive- 40 gig
                              14.1 inch Active matrix screen
                              256 MB RAM (Soon to be upped to 512 or 1 gig)
                              2 USB
                              1 Firewire 400
                              Airport wireless card
                              32 MB Video Card
                              It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand.