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    Originally posted by brianw999 View Post
    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. At Burghley Horse Trials, Lincolnshire, UK while treating her daughter, The Princess Royal, Princess Anne after she went arse over tits at the water jump.
    Where are the men who teach the young boys English?! This is excellent, pls let me recite this sentence in other forums.

    I've been to London for private reasons only once. And I have seen where these people live.

    My contribution to this topic, I could imagine to meet HRH Prince William. This was not the case during my last stay near Hard Rock London (HRC).

    Btw, he would fit into this forum, he is almost my age, and he likes aviation. And he answers the question in my signature, of course.
    The German long haul is alive, since more than 60 years.
    The Gold Member in the 747 club, 50 years since the first LH 747.
    And constantly advanced, 744 and 748 /w upper and lower EICAS.
    This is Lohausen International airport speaking, echo delta delta lima.


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      Shania Twain, singer
      Sarah Brightman, singer
      Sigourney Weaver, actress
      Jim Lovell, astronaut
      Danica Patrick, race car driver
      Chuck Yeager, USAF General, retired
      Jane Wicker, wing walker, deceased
      Kelly Flinn, USAF Lieutenant, court martialed female B-52 pilot
      Brian Shul, former SR-71 Blackbird pilot, author
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        Sarah Palin
        George Takei

        Are the most famous people I have personally met.


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          I guess I can update mine, although not that many new ones.

          President Bush and family back when he was Gov. of Texas.
          Actress Reiko Aylesworth
          Former US Senator Phil Gramm
          Former Sec. of Defense Robert Gates
          Texas Gov. Rick Perry
          US Representative Bill Flores
          Alex Debogorski (From the show "Ice Road Truckers)
          Johnny Manziel (For all of 10 seconds, nice guy actually)
          Máiréad Nesbitt (Fiddler for the group Celtic Woman)


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            Originally posted by Dmmoore View Post
            1. Jimmy Doolittle - Aviation Pioneer, WW-II Hero. Met while he was goose hunting at Cold Bay, Alaska 1967, again 1968.
            2. Tony LaVier- Test Pilot, Lockheed Aircraft. Met at Bracket Air Service 1964.
            3. Robert W. Prescott - Member AVG (American Volunteer Group), President, CEO, Founder Flying Tigers. Met while working for FTL 1966 through 1989.
            4. Greg (Pappy) Boyington - Member AVG, "Bah Bah Black Sheep". Met while working for FTL, AVG reunion.
            5. Robert (Dick Rossi - Member AVG, Pilot Flying Tiger Line. Met while working at FTL.
            6. Tex Hill - E.O. AVG. Met at AVG reunion.
            7. Earnest (Buzz) Loane - Flight Leader AVG, Pilot Flying Tiger Line. Met while working at FTL.
            8. Gen. (Ret.) Chuck Yeager - First man to exceed the sound barrier. Commanding officer Norton AFB (1970's). Met at Norton AFB while working at FTL.
            9. Dick and Bert Rutan, Gena Yeager - Pilots / Designer Voyager, First aircraft to fly around the world, non-stop, unrefueled. Met at Mojave airport and several locations around the Antelope Valley.

            That is quite a list. My addition would be

            Capt Robert Bragg retired United Airlines B744 captain who was the surviving F/O on the PanAm 747 that collided with the KLM 747 in Tenerife in 1978.


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              Hmm.. Quite a few current newscasters / sportscasters in the US in different markets... Which of them is truly famous... Who knows.

              Naseeruddin Shah
              Tom Alter
              Steve Alter

              Almost met would include Arthur C Clarke and Urho Kekkonen.

              In the cyber world on a direct one-to-one chat, Linus Torvalds.


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                Chuck a salmon fishing fundraiser in Tillamook,Oregon. I thought he was the nicest guy...


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                  Been a few years since I have posted here, but I am always lurking here, the Safety discussion forum is one of the first places I go to read when I hear about a crash, because this place always has the most interesting discussions!

                  Anywho, the only ones I can remember right now and its probably all of them anyway are:

                  Mark Rypien, the quarter back who helped guide the Redskins to their Superbowl XXVI win over the Buffalo Bills. He was also named the MVP of that Superbowl. He is from here, as in grew up and spent most of his adult life here but not born here, but he still lives here. And he went to my high school Shadle Park and was the star of their football team too. Baseball hall of famer Ryan Sandberg went to my schools arch rival North Central. But I have not met him. Rypien was at my elementarys school reading night and he read to us, and he signed the program for the reading night too, even though we were not suppose to ask for autographs. He read a Dr. Seuss book because every year we would celebrate Dr. Seuss night, aka reading night.

                  In fact the field across from that school is named Andrew Rypien Field, his son who died of a brain tumor. Much of his time and money is dedicated to running charities related to that. And the name lives on still in football, his nephew is the star of the same high schools football team, and I read his daughter is in the lingerie football league. Which is in fact women in skimpy lingerie playing American style football.

                  He's a great guy.

                  The only other one would be former Washington State governor Gary Locke, who was the first Chinese-American governor and governor of any Asian descent. He shook my hand while visiting my elementary school. Came in my classroom in fact and watched us doing a project I believe we were learning about ancient Greece. Since then he was the Secretary of Commerce from 2009-2011 and the U.S Ambassador to China from 2011 to last month when he stepped down to spend time with his family back in Seattle.

                  Yes, long winded response, but you can tell I am proud to even have met those 2 people which isn't too impressive of a list.

                  One famous local guy who I haven't met also is John Stockton, NBA hall of famer and considered one of the if not the best Point Guard to ever play the game. He could have been a champion if Jordan and the Bulls would have not beat that great Utah Jazz team with him and Karl Malone in the Finals two years in a row I believe it was. He too still spends most his time here in Spokane and lives here, he goes to every Gonzaga University basketball game, where he played and where his son David now plays. Go Bulldogs!

                  The most famous person to ever come out of Spokane though he died long ago was Bing Crosby. He grew up here and considered this his home too.

                  One of the more interesting ones is Rod Stewart has spent time here lately because his son plays for our hockey team and he goes to some of the games.

                  So I could still meet at least 1 or 2 more famous people without going out of town or getting something like backstage passes to a concert or such.


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                    Talk about necro-posting...oh hai 2004.


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                      • I met Sting))) at his concert )))