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Wisconsin man sues cable co. for making wife fat, kids lazy

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  • Wisconsin man sues cable co. for making wife fat, kids lazy

    Man says he’s addicted to cable; wants to sue Charter

    By Lee Reinsch
    the reporter [email protected]

    Cable TV made a West Bend man addicted to TV, caused his wife to be overweight and his kids to be lazy, he says.

    And he’s threatening to sue the cable company.

    Timothy Dumouchel of West Bend wants $5,000 or three computers, and a lifetime supply of free Internet service from Charter Communications to settle what he says will be a small claims suit.

    Dumouchel blames Charter for his TV addiction, his wife’s 50-pound weight gain and his children’s being “lazy channel surfers,” according to a Fond du Lac police report.

    Charter employees called police to the local office at 165 Knight’s Way the evening of Dec. 23 after Dumouchel showed up with a small claims complaint, reportedly intimidated an employee and made “low-level threats” to employees’ safety, according to a police report.

    The report states Dumouchel gave an employee five minutes to get a supervisor to talk to him or their next contact would be “in the ocean with the sharks.”

    According to the report, Dumouchel told Charter employees he plans to sue because his cable connection remained intact four years after he tried to get it canceled.

    The result was that he and his family got free cable from August of 1999 to Dec. 23, 2003.

    “I believe that the reason I smoke and drink every day and my wife is overweight is because we watched TV every day for the last four years,” Dumouchel stated in a written complaint against the company, included in a Fond du Lac police report.

    “But the reason I am suing Charter is they did not let me make a decision as to what was best for myself and my family and (they have been) keeping cable (coming) into my home for four years after I asked them to turn it off.”

    According to the police report, Dumouchel called Charter to stop his cable service in August of 1999 and was taken off the billing but not the cable service.

    In a written statement, he said he put the family TV in the basement in 1999 after he had called to get cable disconnected, but soon thereafter, his wife had moved it back and hooked up the cable connection, and it still worked.

    He stated he “made a deal” with her that “she could watch TV as long as the cable worked.”

    He then went back to Charter and asked that they disconnect his service, which they reportedly never did.

    He stated that he called Charter several times to get the service disconnected for good because he felt it was addictive, according to the report.

    Charter’s director of government and public relations for eastern Wisconsin, John Miller, says he doesn’t take the threat of a lawsuit seriously.

    “Even though we consider our services to be a very powerful entertainment product, I don’t think it’s reached a medical level yet where it could be proved to be addictive,” Miller said.

    “In our society, any kind of legal action shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone,” he added.

    Wisconsin Circuit Court records show no civil lawsuit papers filed in Dumouchel’s name.

    Of all the dumb @$$ things to sue for! TV Addiction!
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    And I am sueing riddle for making me have riddle vision... :P


    (Keep those Penelope pics coming mike.. PLEASE! )


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      People who sue McDonald's for making them fat or cable companies for making them lazy are just greedy. They just want some money...

      People, it was your CHOICE to eat McDonald's and watch TV!
      Will F.
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        All I can say is WHAT A LOSER!!!!

        Go make some money the old fashioned way...earn it!

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          Someone just making an a%& of themselves.


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            This outta be good. Another moron sueing for another moronic reason, damn morons

            It may just be the immaturity in me but I think it's ironic that you can use the letters of his last name to spell "douche". Yea i'm REAL mature. :P


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              I cannot believe this! He is basically pointing out his own stupidity- If his wife is fat and his kids are lazy- it's their own fault! Turn off the TV...its not hard! Geez! Of all the stupid cases out there... Be strange if he wins though...


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                Maybe I will sue him for having an ugly family, thereby offending me...
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                I felt the earth beneath my feet
                Sat by the river and it made me complete


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                  Too funny and altogether
                  Too ridiculous
                  Thanks for this post
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                    typical americans

                    just joking
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                      Wisconsin man sues cable co. for making wife fat, kids lazy

                      You can only do that in the US. If someone would try that here in Germany, he would probably send to a mental asylum . Those people think it's just an easy wy to get money. Quite frankly, I have sometimes thought about suing the Coca Cola Company, because the year-long drinking of Cherry Coke is the reason for my lactose allergy (Ok it is notm, but it would be worth a try )


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                        Originally posted by Katamarino
                        Maybe I will sue him for having an ugly family, thereby offending me...
                        Will F.
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