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Question for Chief Miller or any other Navy guys

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  • Question for Chief Miller or any other Navy guys

    Hey guys or if not, Jeff....or maybe I should call you Chief.

    Anyway, July 20, 2004 will be my 2nd year in the Navy after joining. My first command I've chosen in "A" school was AIMD Oceana Sea Op Det which is a 4 year listed term at that duty station. However, when my 4 ywears is up, I want to re-enlist for another 4 years and switch duty stations preferably west coast to NAS North Island or MCAS Miramar. I want to live in San Diego and get outta southeast Virginia. My command here is awesome and the people I work with are great so I have nothing against them. It's just I want to be closer with some of my relatives that is begging me to come live with them. Yes, they're kids and to them, I am like a great big uncle to them, LOL.

    So my question is, is it possible to switch from a east coast to a west coast duty station? How hard is it? I know a female that worked in my shop who transfered with HS-7 i believe in San Diego but they're sea duty. I wouldn't mind being on a sea duty squadron if I stay in my rate.

    I have been looking for nice luxury apartments or a condo within 15 minutes from the base. Do you know the current basic allowanace housing in the San Diego area for a single guy?

    Thanks for the info.

    Probably next year I will schedule an appointment with my career counselor and talk about this issue. Hopefully it will be very simple process as I know there are numerous orders to San Diego.



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    It is good to see guys like you wanting to stay in, and even better that you are actively planning your career moves. So many of the guys that worked for me didn't, and then complained afterward. Feel free to call me "Chief" any time you like.. I go to the base at least once a week just to have the Air Force gate sentry call me that... :P

    I would think that your current duty with SeaOpDet would be valuable out west. I know if you told your detailer that you wanted a Squadron, he would most likely get you one. You say your NEC is F-14 "I" level? I never liked "I" level, I liked the action at "O" better, and it was easy for me to move around.

    The key to your plan is to talk with your detailer!!! Find out where he has openings out there. On your next visit, go visit AIMD North Island and have a "chat" with the Chief out there. Tell him your story, ask him if he needs help. ( A Chief will not actually say he needs help, but he may know someone who does.. :P ). Communication is the key. Sometimes you can "deal" with the detailers if you are willing to rotate early, or re-enlist for the job.

    HS-7 is cool, sea duty in a helo squadron is not bad, no where near the flight ops that the "Fighter Pukes" have to put up with. If you have already been to AD "A" school, you will definitely stay in your rate.

    I used to know some Chiefs out at Miramar AIMD and North Island, I'll see if I can get in touch with them, and see what is going on.



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      Thank you for your response, Jeff and a quick one too.

      Yes, my NEC is 6410 which is first degree intermediate level maintenance for F110s. I wouldn't mind going back to "I" level at AIMD North Island because of the easy work hours but I do want to experience with the "O" level guys.

      I should be going back to North Island really soon for JTFEX on the Stennis and I'll see what I can get from talking to someone there and perhaps just to check it out and compare it to our shop.

      The problem about the AD rating is that it is overmanned right now and the Navy is kicking people out when it comes to reenlisting, so I may have to cross rate. Another thing I will have to talk with my career counselor is the "Perform to Serve" program for junior guys. This only applies to first term sailors.

      Anyway, I really appreciate your input and it has helped me a lot.




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        Any thought to becoming Ships Company? Might not be too bad. I have not kept up with manning levels, what rates are "open"? And at what pay grades?

        Getting an "O" level NEC with a squadron can only help. You will always be able to keep in touch with the AIMD group. Ever thought about becoming an instructor? It was a blast for me. Helped me make Chief.

        Just remember that the more you can do for the Navy, the more the Navy can do for you. Sounds silly, but it is the truth.


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          You are correct about the phrase "the more you can do for the Navy, the more the Navy can do." And I agree on that. I have heard a lot of PO2s telling me it's not worth it, don't volunteer anything for the Navy, and just do your job. I disagree what they tell me.

          I actually thought about ship's company and I know a lot of them on the Stennis. Most don't like it, except for working 6 hours in port, but the disadvantage is going being underway for 5 days to 5 weeks boat dets. I will have to talk with my LPO when I get onboard the Stennis how the living accommodations is. If I were living on the ship, it would be really easy for me but if I get an apartment and going to sea, it might be a little complicated if I were to live alone. But then again, I have trustful family that can take care of my things if I were to do underway like pay the rent, take care of my birds, (I plan on having two birds when I move there) and other living things.

          We have a listing of opening duty stations in my division workshop on the board. I do look there about once a week for openings and I can tell you, there are a lot of listings for North Island. The few, maybe like 5 or 6 openings are for ADAN (airmen) and like 10 or so for AD3s. I guess I may have a good chance since I will likely become a PO3 by the end of my term. Missed it my first try, but oh well, I will continue to study on my things.

          I don't know about becoming an instructor. I may not become a first class at the time if I were to enter the officer program, but who knows. I know NAMTRAU instructors do have it made.

          Again, thanks a lot, Chief.