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Fast advancments in technology... good or bad?

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  • Fast advancments in technology... good or bad?

    Okay, I was bored earlier and got thinking could the faster advancements in technology do more harm then good? I was thinking along the lines of computer developments and robotics getting too ahead of their time too fast. Will the human being ever be "obsolete" and will computers ever control us? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this

    Okay I confess I thought of this after watching the Terminator movies But it still is a question i've been wondering about for a while.

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    Well, forgetting the fact that a brand new, top of the line computer becomes out of date in 2 month, i'd have to say no on that, i actually think the development of robitcs will be a good technological advancement, but i see more people getting fatter and fatter with them around.


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      Agree with Scott, furthermore fast advancements in technology usually bring lower prices. In terms of buying, I am on kinda of a forever standing since I always pospone buying a given stuff !!! Someday, I will probably wait that "previous" models can be grabbed for a song
      In addition to see people getting fatter, they may also become
      -more prone to throw out in the trash every thing deemed as outdated.
      -less conscious in how precarious their close by environnement can be
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