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Luxembourg: Safest city on earth

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  • Luxembourg: Safest city on earth

    A survey by Mercer Human Resource Consulting shows the safest city on Earth is Luxembourg. Bern, Geneva, Helsinki, Singapore, Zurich all ties at #2. 9 Japanese cities ties in #3.

    The world's most dangerous city in Bangui, Central African Republic.

    The survey is based on crime rate, law enforcement, and political stability. If New York gets 100 points, then Luxembourg gets 133.5 points.

    The most safest cities in the US are: Honolulu, Houston, San Francisco, both ties at #40 with 106.5 points. Washington DC, the nation's captial, ranked at #107 (the most dangerous city in North america), with 85 points.

    In Canada, Calgary, Montreal and Ottawa both scores 113.5 points, ranked at #25.

    3 of The 6 most safest cities are located in Europe, but the most dangerous cities - Milan, Athens, Rome - are still inside the top 100, despite the high crime rate.

    Both London and New York ranks at #64.

    In Asia, the most safest city is in Singapore, at #2. 9 Japanese cities all ties up at #3, including Kobe, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, Yokohama.

    Baghdad in Iraq and Bangui are the 2 most dangerous cities in the world. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the safest cities in the Middle East, at #54.
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    Wasn't Atlanta the most dangerous city in US?


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      DC the most dangerous? Golly. I'd of expected LA.


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        I guess that DC has overtaken all other US cities in the past couple of years .

        Good to hear that my home-town makes it to #2. Zurich was recently also qualified as the city with the highest living quality, which makes this an ideal place to be .

        Recently I was in Bangkok, and found this to be a very safe city. Any information on its rank? Must come close behind Singapore.