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Former Test Cricketer Critical after Cowardly attack

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    I speak 3 languages

    And Australian

    Struggling a bit with the pronounciations
    for new Zealand
    Why a nurse wants to make a patient Bitter instead of better worries me
    That's something the Aussie Health Secrtor is wroking hard on though. Provided they don't kill you in the process.


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      David Hookes has passed away.

      My thoughts are with his family at this horrific time. To lose a loved one is bad enough, but to lose one in this manner must be beyond comprehension.

      Heavens Cricket team has a new addition ...

      My he RIP ...

      No makeovers please .....


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        Rest In Peace.

        Equipment: A camera (who gives a rip about the brand?)


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          The Google add at the bottom of this page is currently showing an add for Cricket. One of the links is to "Legends of Cricket"

          Someone is watching


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            Any reason given for the attack?

            Canadians understand Australian.


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              I think words were exchanged and the bouncers appear to have insulted one of the females in the group.

              As for the attack, it was unprovoked other than words.

              Seems yet another example of an ever increasing problem in this country where bouncers see themselves as wannabe cops and take matters into their own hands. Rather than keeping the peace they are violent.

              From what i've read this guys ego and arrogance appears only exceeded by his lack of intelligence. Really funny thing is that his home address/phone number is available from I'm checking in a week to see if it's still there or whether it has been made silent. I imagine that's not a pleasant place to be right now, hiding against the weight of public opinion.

              No makeovers please .....


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                From the media:

                But the night turned ugly about 11pm when Hookes, known and loved for his straight-shooting style, overheard a remark made towards the girlfriend of one of his players by a hotel crowd controller. (bouncer)

                Hookes is believed to have shared a few sharp words with a man before departing at closing with a group of about 10 friends.

                The dispute spilled out on to the street, with three bouncers allegedly following Hookes and the group, including Berry and Lehmann, about 70m down the road.

                Neighbours say they were woken by shouting and screaming and reported seeing the two groups pushing and shoving on the road.

                One witness said he saw Lehmann being held in a head-lock as a woman screamed: "Just let him go."

                A Cowderoy St resident said he then heard someone say, "You want to play smart mouth, now face the music", before a punch sent Hookes to the ground and the cricket world into mourning.

                "He wound up and landed it directly on the guy's face, somewhere near his jaw or nose," the man said. "I heard a really loud cracking sound ... the guy just fell backwards and smashed his head on the road."

                Hookes lay unconscious and motionless on the street, surrounded by distraught friends who held his hand and tried desperately to wake him.

                One witness interviewed by police said he saw one man acknowledge the punch to Hookes with a "footy tap on the bum" as the trio wandered off and returned to the bayside hotel.

                "It looked like this was a tough-guy thing," he said.
                No makeovers please .....