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  • ~*~* WARNING ! ! *~*~ PLEASE READ! ! !

    Over the past 3 days I have recieved 8 virus/worm/trojan infected e-mails from an unknown source. The e-mail addresses he/she is using are AD.Com Member names. Im not going to give out names. . . just in case that these viri are actually comming from these persons. . . But I highly doubt it. Just be warned. . . . . If you recieve an e-mail directly from someone on the board. . . and it has attachments with it. . . .and you were not expecting anything. . . . DON'T OPEN IT! ! ! ! Delete it. If you know how to extract the IP address from the e-mail header. . . please do so and post it here. I can not because my virus software deletes the files before I can look at it.

    ps: I have removed my e-mail address for this reason. If anyone needs to contact me you can do so by PMing me or catching me in the's IRC room.
    "Never give in-never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yeild to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy!" - Winston Churchill

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    With Yahoo! you can scan your attachments. So you could get an account from there or everyone could be logical and not open e-mails from people you have not met and trust completely. This way virus wouldn't be sent. Am I profound or what.


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      When active in the internet, there is only one solution that prevents you from viruses, attacks and the like: install a firewall and a virus scanner. There are excellent freeware tools for both. I have been using such tools for quite some times and have no problems. I am probably getting 5-7 viruses a week, but they are all safely recognized and deleted by my tools.

      In case you are interested, try the following:

      AntiVir Personal, available free from:
      Outpost firewall, available free from:

      Both are easy to configure and just do their jobs. Both can be updated via the internet, and both are free for private use.

      Good luck.