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To all who enjoy designing aircraft liveries

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  • To all who enjoy designing aircraft liveries

    This semester I am taking a course in airline operations and management. Part of the course requires us to get into a group and to create our own airline. We must make realistic decisions every week and have to do many things such as promotion, advertising, and route planning. Anyway, what I was wondering is if someone could help me come up with a livery for our airline. We will be flying all ERJ135s out of Chicago to many different cities. Our airline is named "Windy City Airlines" and we're sorta going the Northwest route of being known as WCA. The payment for this will be my respect and gratitude for all eternity....well...maybe just for a little while. Also if someone would like to create a logo that would be very helpful. I'm artistically impaired (can't draw, sing, paint, sculpt, etc) so you would be helping me out a whole lot. I will give credit to whoever comes up with the winning livery and/or logo in every picture/advertisement that we use it in. Thanks in advance and may the best person win.

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    5 mins in Photoshop.


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      Originally posted by kaddyuk
      took 5 mins in photoshop
      You can tell....
      I was expecting that post from Jeff but hey, he would have probably quoted me correctly.