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Kenya discriminates against muslims.

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  • Kenya discriminates against muslims.


    ‘Kenyan Muslims declared second-class citizens’

    NAIROBI: Kenya’s Muslims are being relegated to second-class status because of the country’s official efforts to combat terrorism, say Kenyan lawyers. The Law Society of Kenya says dismal treatment of Muslims has marred human rights gains made in the past year. Muslims make up about a quarter of the population, but suffer harassment and intimidation, say the annual report.

    The LSK condemns a proposed new law for suppressing terrorism saying it is a human rights disaster in the making. There has been no comment so far from the Kenyan government. The LSK lists examples of suspects detained following the bombing of an Israeli-owned hotel in 2002 being held at undisclosed locations without access to lawyers. Some were held for weeks before being charged, it says.

    According to BBC the authorities here have been under pressure from western governments, particularly the United States and Britain to prove that they are serious about tackling security concerns.

    The State Department in Washington continues to warn Americans of what it calls the credible threat of terrorist attacks in the region, including Kenya. Earlier this week the trial began of four Kenyans accused of murder, relating to the hotel bombing.


    This is sad. This just shows how corrupt the Kenyan government is. Instead of making real efforts to tackle terrorism and to bring unity among the multicultural Kenya, they opt to take the barbaric way. Oh well, now I have one less country on my to visit list.
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    So what is this law exactly?