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  • Your favorite movie on aviation-based topic

    My all-time favorite movie on aviation-based topic is 'Top Gun' starring Tom Cruise
    Abbas Ali

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    Without doubt, Airport. One of the first and still the best airdisaster movie. If you like things more funny, Airplane is also one of the best.


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      Have a few favourites, always watch them when they are on TV:

      - Airport, like that 707 and George Kennedy as Patroni
      - Conair, for the fantastic crash outside the Sands at Vegas
      - Top Gun, for the music (and the air combat scenes and the funny MiGs)
      - the movie about the Aloha cabin roof loss on a 737, don't know its name in English
      - The Hindenburg, really fantastic scenes when they repair their rudder over the Atlantic
      - Those Magnificient Men in Their Flying Machines, one of the greatest comedies on aviation (well, early aviation that is; there is nothing a German officer can't do!!!!)

      There are a couple more I normally view when they are broadcast, but I do not know their titles right now. Remember we are getting everything synchronized in German here, with German titles.



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        Here are some of the movies that i've seen, or always wanted to see:

        The ones i've seen:
        1) Top Gun (all time favourite)
        2) Ground control (Thrilling, and excruciatingly funny in parts)
        3) Air Force One (my first ever aircraft related movie)
        4) Executive Decision (For the great scene of the stealth fighter linking up to the 747)
        5) Turbulence (Nice Movie)
        6) Pearl Harbor (Don't kill me for this, but i really liked the fight scenes)

        The ones i've always wanted to see:
        1) Airport (I've read the book, and have always wanted to see the movie, but I can't find a copy in Hong Kong)
        "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

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          For me it would have to be PLANES,TRAINS and AUTOMOBILES even though some of it isn't based around Aviation but it reminds me when i was sitting by a man exactly like Del! My Other favoroite film must be Air Force One.



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            I like the classic Top Gun! Not because of Tom Cruise but I just love the heavy Tomcats



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              Without a doubt my favourite avation movie is "Executive Decision" i dont know why i just love the way the stelth links to the 747 and all the action in it

              Air Force One is to cheesy for me why would the president be a ex-special forces guy it makes the story line that even more bit unbelevable

              But then again how you get a stelth to hook up to a 747 is also unbelevible

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                Originally posted by indian airlines
                6) Pearl Harbor (Don't kill me for this, but i really liked the fight scenes)
                I agree the fight scenes on that are amazing

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                  Pushing one has even mentioned it......disapointing..... its my favorite.....after Top Gun of course!!



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                    Some of my favorites:

                    Baa, Baa Blacksheep - Robert Conrad as Gregory "Pappy" Boyington

                    Blue Thunder - Roy Scheider


                    Firefox - Clint Eastwood steals russian super-plane

                    The Right Stuff - Delves into the beginnings of early US Space program

                    The Final Countdown - USS Nimitz goes back in time to Dec 6, 1941. something to be said about watching an F-14 Tomcat fighting a Zero

                    Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo


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                      Another great movie that hasn't been mentioned yet is "Always", with many good scenes of Forest Service pilots fighting fires.
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                        Jeez, you guy are a bunch of Drama and Actions gooroos

                        AIRPLANE THE MOVIE

                        The Funniest Movie of all time!

                        "We have Clearence Clarence"
                        "Roger, Roger"
                        "Whats our Vector, Victor?"



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                          Yeah, I love that movie. Hot Shots is also a good one.


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                            My favourite aviation related movie would have to be "Passenger 57" , with the exception of a few real-life discrepancies, for the most part it was very proper and they keep the same aircraft through the whole movie, unlike some that show different aircraft clips without care of continuity!
                            But I also agree that "AIRPLANE" is the BEST!!! HAHAHA
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