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    Anybody here use NetZero? If so, what has been your experience with them?

    Would you recommend them?
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    I used net zero, back when they were still free. One day, I receive an email, says...dear customer, we will no longer be able to provide free service due to our current fiscal situation. Pleas feel free to sign up for our Net Zero Gold package, for only 6.99 a month. (plus add bar)

    Of course, do to my current fiscal situation, the whole reason I used it was because it was free. If I'm gonna pay for my internet service, I don't want some ad bar on my computer staring me in the face.

    Basically, make sure whatever package you get, get it in writing, I wouldn't be surprised to see them jack up the price on you.


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      I was also using NetZero back in the free days. When I got the E-mail saying they wished to charge $9.99/month for the service I just quit using it. I already had 2 paid providers and could see no advantage to a third.

      I assume they have added a lot of features in the 3 or 4 years since that occurred. It worked well as an ISP but I did experience a lot of problems logging on when it was free and frequent boots. I suspect they simply didn't have the bandwidth for the number of users who signed on in those days. Overall it was a bit low on provided content, but was a fair Internet portal.

      The NetZero high speed they have been advertising lately is not really an alternative to Broadband as it only speeds the connection between your machine and the ISP, the connections to other websites still run at the same speed as always so you aren't likely to see as much acceleration as they would have you believe.

      If you are simply looking for a bargain ISP then it's okay, though you might get a better deal through a local supplier. If you want a full featured ISP then go with MSN, AOL, or Compuserve.


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        I have them on my computer.

        They are good b/c they are free.

        I only use them when I can't use the computer w/ Comcast


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          I have NetZero High Speed. Its pretty good- also really fast...for about 12.95 a month I think.

          I think regular NetZero dial up is about 9.99 a month, so it is actually a good value (compared to MSN/AOL)

          Hope It Helps!

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