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Canadian Jokes (just for laughs, please take them lightly)

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    Originally posted by Flying High
    -Q: Why do Canadians screw doggy-style?
    A: So both can watch the hockey game.

    -Why do Newfie dogs have flat noses?
    From chasing parked cars.

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        You can confuse ships by turning your porch lights on and off
        at night
        Even though it smells like dead sea animals, Halifax is
        considered Canada's most beautiful city


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            Hockey humour:

            In the Wilds of Alberta two boys are playing hockey on a frozen lake.
            Suddenly a dog runs up and begins to attack one of the boys. The other boy beats the dog with his hockey stick and kills the dog saving his friend's life.
            A local newspaper reporter happened to be wandering past and saw it all. He gets his notebook out and starts to interview the boy.

            "Hero Flames fan saves friend from brutal dog attack" he begins to write....
            The boy says, "Sir, I'm not a Flames fan"

            The reporter apologises, and crosses it out and starts writing again:
            "Hero Oilers fan saves friend from brutal dog attack"

            Again the boy says "I'm not an Oilers fan either"
            The reporter, surprised says "Oh, sorry, I thought everyone round here was either a Flames or Oilers fan. Who do you support?"

            The boy replies "The Maple Leafs"

            The reporter leaves the scene scribbling furiously in his notebook
            "Little bastard Maple Leaf fan brutally murders loved family pet"
            Garry Lewis

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              Will F.
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