Thanks for your time in visiting, the origin is french and probably dubious to some of you ;

The action takes part in a Sahelian country and involve a long time resident driving back home with his pick-up loaded with a week-long food and other stuff supplies. While grappling with the cahotic road, our guy can see two other guys on the opposite way. Thinking to be victimized by some hallucinations, he pull his pick-up over....
The two gentlemen going opposite are walking in kind of a procession
The leader carries an empty phone-booth, the follower carries an anvil !
"Well Well WELL boys whatza we gad there !!?!! says the driver
"Can I ask you gents what you're doing and goofing around ?"
The leader replied : " If assaulted by some locals, I can put the booth down and close myself in ! "
The pick-up driver : then adressing the other guy
The follower : "If assaulted, I drop the anvil, so that I can run faster !"