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  • Freightdogg
    The new point system was instituted for the same reason that restrictor plates were introduced - simply to improve the television ratings.

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  • DeltaRules
    The new points system is definitely going to make 14ish drivers happy & a ton of drivers pissed after the 26th race, wherever that is. I'd expect the following drivers in that "playoff" race (in no order):

    -(Jeff) Gordon
    -Dale Jr.

    I really don't care either way about the new tires. I'm just looking forward to the 500 today & the rest of the Busch race tomorrow. I'll take Dale Jr. or Mikey for the win today.

    GO #24!

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    "What the F*uck is the Kenyan 600? What the f*ck do they ride? Tigers??" "Sir... Sir... Mr Bergis!"


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  • SWA733Captain
    started a topic NASCAR Thread

    NASCAR Thread

    Here's for all the NASCAR fans...

    What do you all make of this new points system? I personally think they should have stuck with the old one.

    Who do you think will be the guys to watch this year? I have a feeling it's gonna be a race between Junior, Stewart, Kenseth and DJ for the championship.

    I also really don't like those new tires they implemented for the Daytona races...I have a feeling that they will be the cause for the Big One tomorrow. It also makes for too many pit stops in my opinion. But as for that, I can't wait for the 500 tomorrow.

    Go #2!