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    I work at Sav-On drugs.

    What the hell did you mean then?



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      Not gonna try and get a job at the Airport clovis? Perhaps you can get reduced rates for flight training.



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        I don't think Lundgren is deleting the posts, I think it's his suck (spelt with an F) up moderators who are doing it...

        But then, if you've seen much behind the scenes emails etc you'll know how threatened he is by I too wonder why as the internet is a big place with plenty of room to share, but i've heard so much crap out of about Chris K & INCLUDING something about Chris K stealing Lundgrens girl friend or something ... (WHAT THE?) Seems maybe JL is the only one who doesn't know something about ChrisK that the rest of us do?

        Not to mention all that crap about code stealing and so forth .. like they're the only people on the net that know how to code.

        Not to mention the emails being sent around asking people to post nice things about to counter the "orchestrated attack" on the site by those over here ...

        and so on and so on ....

        Don't know aobut you guys .. but over here we call it PARANOID DELUSIONS...

        ADG (and a half)
        No makeovers please .....


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          From the other thread.

          Posted Fri Oct 18 2002 22:08:48 UTC+1 and read 2974 times:

          Like I told you in the chat I apologize for pulling the trigger too fast on your site, I obviously has been a turd and apologize for it


          Doesn't your national healthcare cover personality transplants?
          Speaks volumes in my opinion.

          As a relative newcomer, I think that a little more co-operation and less envy might do the hobby some good. I would not have started aviation photography again had it not been for and its helpful attitude. Chris obviously spotted a need that was not being covered elsewhere and decided to cater for it. Thats good sense in any environment.

          Oops!Ö hope this isnít breach of copyright or anything.!!!


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            ADG...why the (and a half), 1.5 etc in recent posts?
            "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

            -- The LA Times, in a review of 'Flightplan'


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              You have hit the nail on the head. Aviation photography (or spotting etc) is like every other hobby. There are xspurts out there who have lots of experience and are extremely good at what they do. There are also those who are not for whatever reason.

              Like all hobbies it's great to have people out there who are willing to offer assistance and advice and some people (elsewhere) have lost sight of that in their arrogance and rush to become more financial.

              Those who voiced that opinion elsewhere were humbugged and attacked.

     has, in my opinion, the better collection of photographs because they're not all the "elite photographers", and whilst the pictures may not all be "technically perfect" they are interesting and worth looking at. In fact, many of them are better than the "technically perfect" shots wanted elsewhere because technical perfection really means SHIT when photographs are subject related.

              No makeovers please .....


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                (he sent me the pics directly and won't pull a Chris Kilroy lol)
                What does he mean by that?


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                  Means he's got his willy jammed up swedish bootie....

                  ** that's a huge guess as I haven't bothered to go read the thread I have an issue with adding unnecessary hits to a site that boasts about it's artificially inflated hit rates
                  No makeovers please .....