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Ever been to Minneapolis?

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  • Ever been to Minneapolis?

    I was just wondering if anyone on here visited and/or lives in the twin cities area. My aunt lives up there and I love the city. I was just wondering what everyone's opinion was on the Twin cities.

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    Been to the airport a million times as thats the only place Northworst flies from GFK. I like the airport, only spent the night in the city twice. Once on a layover, and once because my flight was cancelled. I've heard its a great city though.


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      Let's see I was there from April of '68 to Sept, 1980. Great town but my blood has warmed since moving to Tejas and it takes a while to acclimatize on the odd visit around the holidays. That said, I do miss a real Fall. I try to make it up there once or twice a year visiting my Mother and other relatives.

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        I really wanna go there. I should board one of the Northwest Airlines DC-9's that flies the YQR-MSP route one day and go.
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          Went there, but only on a day trip to the Mall Of America. It's Okay, lots of fun places and things to do. I wish I could go there for a couple of days though.


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            I've never been to the city, but I am going to go through MSP when I go to LAX because NW is cheaper from MDW and UA is more expensive from ORD.


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              Had the opportunity to transit thru MSP, unfortunately I could not go out and visit, first for lack of time. Anyway, by reading Let'sGo and Lonely Planet guides on the area, this must be a good place.
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                I never had the opportunity myself, but one of cousins lived there for a year and a half. She really liked it but moved back to Argentina because of the weather (winter).


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                  Driven through it several times, never stopped there though. Also flew there, on my way to MKE. I liked the airport anyway, with the mall and everything.


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                    Yes, my uncle used to live in Eagan, MN for like 8 years so I frequented MSP quite a bit. I used to watch the planes approach MSP from his house and fly over when they were heading south. I love the twin cities area. One day I would love to go back and visit. My uncle now lives in MKE. Can you say Midwest heaven??? Oh and the folks in MN and WI are the nicest you'll ever meet!! Have fun!

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