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    Hello all,

    So, after much thought, I have decided what I will do. As some of you might recall, I am doing electrical engineering right now. Well, it turns out that I am actually doing good right now. So, I decided that I will continue with electrical if I pass my first year.

    But meanwhile, I stumbled across this college website which is not that far from my city and offers a course in marine navigation and marine engineering technology.

    First, I thought that jobs on ships must be exciting but later on after research, I came to following conclusions:

    Advantages of marine jobs:
    . Travelling around the World.
    . High Pay.
    . Good demand in future.
    . Can work from any country in the World for most companies.
    . Marine engineers may work as mechanical engineers.
    . Work shifts are not that long.

    Disadvantages of marine jobs:
    . More hazards in Work Place (dirtiness, ship hazards, natural hazards).
    . You work on contract basis.
    . Demand is good but competition is also strong.
    . You are away from home any where from 2-6 months at a time.
    . After contract of usually six months end, you become unemployed again.
    . Deck officers (pilots of ships) have limited work oppurtunities in other industries.

    So, I am undecided on this choice as an alternative and since I am doing good right now, I have not thought very rigourisly about it. What is your opinion of jobs of deck officers and marine engineers? Which is better though, deck officer or marine engineer?
    You only have one life...

    Make wise decisions and live freely.

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    This reminds me of that childhood joke where you hold the end of your tongue and say "My dad works on ships and picks up ashes."
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